Nameless poem...

Okay, I wrote this poem sometime on Saturday and I don't have a name for it. So, if you would COMMENT maybe I could have a name by the end of the month... Anyways, here it is...

(the title would go here)

Call me beserk

Everything you're seeing

Never looking inside
Seeing the tears I had to cry

Broken heart, hidden from the world
No one sees the pain I felt

Trying to mend pieces myself
I can't without Jesus's help

Dropping friends, left and right
No one can stop me, I've set my sight
Striving to be like Christ

I'll never get there, but I've got to try
Running a race, at the end I'll die
But at least God will be glorified

Well, that was it. Leave me a juicy comment about what you think!

Ice Cream Dreams

On Tuesday, my mom took me to an ice cream shop and I had the best time EVER. I got tired of hiding things from her and it felt so good to come clean (this is the reason I didn't post on Monday and Tuesday). So, I took pictures.  I have decided to be sweet as a strawberry milkshake and show you my pictures. On one of the pictures you will not believe that I took it. I mean, come on, I didn't believe it myself! I'm so excited! *jumps up and down* Okay, let me stop babbling and just show you the pictures...
 I felt like a bug, rolling in the grass...
 I had a strawberry milkshake, of course, but mine was made with vanilla ice cream and strawberries sine they ran out of strawberry ice cream. :(
 They had a picture up there with a couple with their marriage date in the picture. So sweet. Don't you just love romance? Remind me to do a post on that later...
 I took these two this morning...(below and above)

I still can't believe I took this...

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And the winner is...

Before you start pestering me about the so called winner, I have decided that Winne and Snoopy deserve a post. So the winners are...Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh, my favorite childhood friends!
Everybody knows Snoopy. You know, the dog from Peanuts and his best friend Woodstock? So, what I'm trying to say is, Snoopy needs no introduction.
Neither does Winne. The big bear who loves honey. Along with Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. How could you not love him?
Okay, now it's time for...pictures!
But tell me, who are your favorite childhood friends?

I love comments!


Strawberry milkshakes: Dress them up or down

I had to stop and post this. It's such a cute strawberry milkshake/cupcake! I was also on google and saw that it was the 25th anniversery of the world famous sundae. Hmm...interesting. I like sundaes... *smacks self* Stop babbling, Lizzi! Okay, here are the pictures...

The sun is warm, grass is green

That quote is from The Next Karate Kid (1998 or 1996), with Hilary Swank. i still don't know how to say her name. At first, I was like, Swan-k, but my mom said it was Swayn-k. I still don't understand that. ANYWAYS...it's my second post! Hurray! So today, i am going to give you a lowdown of...guess who? ME!! Am I babbling? I don't know...

Favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo
                  (this makes me hungry just by looking at it)

Favorite actress: Amanda Seyfried
Favorite thing to look at: Anime
                                this is too cute
Wedding Dress: Armani Prive
Favorite place to write: In my Bed

Well, my mom says I gotta go. But, before I leave, will you leave a comment? Pretty please? And don't forget, I WILL RETURN!
(that did not sound right).....


Introducing Lizzi!

Hi! I'm Lizzi, a thirteen year old girl who LOVES strawberry milkshakes and chocolate cupcakes. I'm a Christian teenager whos loves Christ (shout-out to G-O-D!) and is a preacher's kid. If you see me, I'll probably be writing poetry, singing, dancing, snapping photos, dreaming about my guy (more on that later), daydreaming, or writing my adventure novel for school.
I am homeschooled with my six siblings (three sisters, three brothers) and my parents. I like Winnie the Pooh, Snoopy, and Veggietales. I LOVE true friends. So, I pray, that you will be mine. Oh, yeah, I love strawberry milkshakes. And chocolate cupcakes.
So, since you are reading this, I shall bless you with pretty pictures!